Photo by Judith Marilyn Kostroski

Photo by Judith Marilyn Kostroski

Looking to get involved?


We believe sustenance is an equally important part of the creative process.

A fed stomach = a fueled mind! If you are a local business with products for snacking, we are happy to feed our participants with your donation during one of our classes. Please contact us to tell us more about your business. We ask that you review our values and ensure that they are aligned with your brand.


Do you have art supplies that need a new home? We would be happy to take them off your hands. Click here to see what we need!


We will be offering scholarships at CS to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate. We welcome you to nominate someone or donate to our scholarship fund through our scholarship tab. We prioritize applications for individuals marginalized by education settings. Applicants who identify as having low-income; are black, indigenous and/or people of color; identify as women, trans, non-binary will first be considered.


Would you or someone you know be a perfect candidate for Curiosity Studio? Rad. We will read each nomination submitted but cannot promise that each candidate be chosen. Please submit their information and tell us their story below.

Also subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the variety of programming we offer.  Some events will be free and have no size limit!  

Please note: scholarships and nominations are separate applications. We keep nominations separate from scholarships in hopes of avoiding partiality. If you are interested in donating to both the scholarship fund and nominating a scholar, that's fabulous! However, we cannot ensure that your contribution is going to your nominee.