Photo by Graham Tolbert

Photo by Graham Tolbert


Where is Curiosity Studio?

Studio 247 in the Northrup King Building. The NKB is packed full of 300+ artists and we believe is a perfect space for inspiration and creative community.


Can only artist take this class? 

No! We do not require you to have an informal or formal art background to participate. In our values, we outline voice. We believe the creative process is inherently vulnerable and is best met with gentleness and kindness. We ask that you have a willingness to try, make mistakes, and have forgiveness with yourself. These classes will give you tools to participate in the creative process.

How long are classes?

Classes are 3 hours long. We allotted them this way to give time to explore a topic examining our whole selves, learning relevant history to the medium, and time to learn a new tool. Included will be plenty of time for discussion and snacks (duh).

Who teaches the classes? 

Our instructors are outlined here for you to learn their backgrounds, skills, and interests. 

What is analog art?

Analog is the opposite of digital. It’s making with materials you can touch, smell, taste (at your own discretion). It doesn’t live on a screen.

What is the cost?

Our aim is to keep classes affordable and make sure that our instructors and staff are fairly compensated for their time and skills. We are currently in our beta stage and getting feedback from real-time class participants to help determine the price. Peep back here in January 2020 for actual cost.

How can I apply for scholarships?

We want to prioritize access for everyone to participate in Curiosity Studios. We are able to offer scholarships during each course. We welcome you to nominate someone or donate to our scholarship fund through our scholarship tab. We prioritize applications for individuals historically marginalized by education institutions.  Applicants who identify as having low-income; are black, indigenous and/or people of color; identify as women, trans, non-binary will be considered first in our process. 

Will I be learning art in these classes?

OF COURSE. We prioritize learning analog art skills and craft as a means to explore various topics that help us develop wholeness in our lives. Here is a sample of the topics we will use art to explore: mess, joy, story, sustainability, movement, diversity, sensory, writing, emotions, belief.

Can we count this as college credit?

Unfortunately no, but we can arrange a participation award if you are interested. 

What do I need to bring to class? 

We ask that you bring an open mind, dress with the chance of getting messy. We will email you prior to the start date of class with materials you might need to bring. Most materials will be covered in the cost of the class.

Can I hire Curiosity Studio for team building for my business?

Curiosity Studios is happy to provide you with an exclusive team building experience for your business. We will travel onsite or host in studio. Contact us to discuss rates, hopes and dreams!

If I can’t attend classes, how do I participate?

At this time, our focus is on providing group experiences. Please sign up for our newsletter to learn of the latest and greatest, which could be an event near you!

Who can take these classes?

Anyone over the age of 18! We are not currently offering courses for kids or teens but may in the future.