We often hear from folks that they don’t know where to start: the proverbial creative block.

People get stuck. Like a summer thigh on a leather car seat, it ‘s uncomfortable.

Creative blocks are not limited to creative projects. We know that movement, making and play can help problem solve and get us “un-stuck” in all areas of life. As makers and business owners, we lean into the the visual and the analog and we wanted to create a space where others could do the same. A space where a small community of people can try new things, learn new tools, and find new inspiration in familiar spaces. To leave with a box full of tools to incorporate exploration, play, and creativity into a daily rhythm. We want Curiosity Studio to be a non-judgement zone where messes are encouraged and you walk away understanding how delightful the creative process can be.


We are multifaceted people that are most creative when accessing our whole selves. In exploring our creative process, we always must pay attention and care to our entire spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional selves.


We aim to build approachable, relational, honest and safe classrooms. We want our creative space to be rooted in connections that expand into our neighborhoods and beyond. When we live in community and celebrate diversity, we experience rich and fulfilling relationships.


The creative process is about active curiosity: exploration, experimentation, trying, messes, and trying again. It's nice to finish things but we hope this space is more about play and less about the final product.


We want everyone to have an equal voice in our space. It is our expectation for ourselves and the community we teach to maintain a respectful, gracious, kind, inquisitive, and forgiving space. This is our hope for how we treat our work too. 


We prioritize mindfulness in our consumption as a business: reusing whenever possible and being smart consumers when it is not available. Our goal of sustainability is woven within our business model as a means of inspiration and honoring the resources we have.


Food brings people together and we want to be together. We also believe we do our best work when we’re not hangry. Each class will have snacks. If you have allergies, let us know.